29 dicembre 2013

FDM-S1 il nuovo ricevitore della Elad

The already famous italian Elad is developing a new receiver along with the RTX FDM-DUO.

Starting from the experience of well known FDM-S1 now Elad is developing FDM-S2
This receiver will use new FDM-SW2 software

FDM-S2 (Foto dal gruppo Yahoo elad_sdr_en)
Qualche informazione preliminare sul FDM-S2:

FDM-S2 have 122.88MHz sampling rate with 16 ADC Hi performance analog to digital converter this mean:

9kHz to 52MHz  direct sampling SDR receiver;

-132dBm MDS (Bw 500Hz) @ 14 MHz

2 antennas input: one for HF one for VHF

USB Powered

VHF input have 2 filters: one for use Broadcasting FM Band (74-108MHz), one for 136-160 MHz

Il software FDM-SW2 (Foto dal gruppo Yahoo elad_sdr_en)

The software will allow up to 6144 Khz bandwith as FDM-S1 but also will have the possibility of TWO independent receivers, it have two indipendent NCO (numerical local oscillator): for example you can tune 20mt band and 40mt band each 384Khz bandwith! This can be done with FDM-SW2 software, using Multichannel Extio Dll.