08 dicembre 2009

G6 vs Tecsun PL-310: SW ultralight challenge

Per fare contento il solito Enrico Guindani (alias Guindasoft), e continuare un ragionamento iniziato con Michele D'Amico, (l'altro "solito") ho messo a confronto il Grundig G6 Aviator e il Tecsun PL-310 in onde corte, con l'antenna esterna e il preselettore. La serata era giusta, diversi segnali esotici non però forti e con fading profondo, ottimi per testare i tascabili. (nella foto il G6 è l'ultralight nero a sinistra)

Ne emerge che in onde corte il Grundig G6 Aviator è superiore al Tecsun. In particolare il divario cresce scendendo nei 6 e 5 MHz. Più in basso, sotto i 60 metri non sono andato, causa QRM sempre presente nel mio QTH milanese. Anche le prove in onde medie e lunghe andranno fatte a Bocca di Magra.

Di seguito i risultati della prova. Enjoy this test.

Short Wave test Grundig G6 Aviator vs PL-310

Outdoor antenna RF Systems T2FD 15 meters long
MFJ-1020C preselector (at 10 dB gain position)

As control radio I used the Drake R8 with preamp, BW 4 kHz, but no MFJ-1020C

Date 24 nov 2009 QTH Milano


11815 0000 Radio Brasil Central weak signal & fading, S 3-6 on Drake

When the signal goes down and is very low (S 3 on Drake) PL-310 shows an effect "pumping" while G6 no. Audio and O (overall) is better with G6. With low signal PL-310 works better with 1 or 2 nominal kHz selectivity.

Moving down the ampli control of MFJ-1020C I can say G6 is more sensitive than PL-310


11920 0015 HCJB Voice of Andes - good, S 9 on Drake

Perfect on both rx. I prefere G6 audio, for its clarity. I can choose between two audio positions: music or news.


10000 0020 Observatorio Nacional, Brazil - fair, fading, S 4-6 on Drake

Good with both receivers, PL-310 some problem with fading S going down. I prefere G6because its better audio.


9675 0030 Cancao Nova, Brazil - fair, fast fading, S 5-7 on Drake

Pretty well on both, but both suffering of fast fading, more ugly on G6 even if also this time I prefere Grundig/Eton audio.


6973 0040 Galei Zahal, Israel - poor/fair deep slow fading, S 3-7 on Drake

Both receiver do their job, but again PL-310 has problems when signal goes up and down, with up and down in volume like you go up and down with volume control.


5910 0050 Marfil Estereo, Colombia - fair, noise, S 6 on Drake (stopped at 0058 by R. Romania Int.)

On 49 M band, full of strong signals, G6 seems to work better than PL-310. On G6 easy listening to the nice LA songs, not so with the harder audio of PL-310.


6000 0105 Radio Habana, Cuba, good QRM VoT (I presume), S 9 on Drake

Good on both, better audio on G6


5045 Radio Cultura, Brazil, fair, S 6 on Drake

Better with G6, no fading problem, better music quality & more enjoy

Summary: both ultralight receivers make possible DXing with a lot of fun. Traditional PLL Grundig G6 Aviator sounds better, but Tecsun PL-310 can fight well thanks to its 5 bandwidth positions. On SW I prefere G6, but it cost 99 dollars against 39,99 of Tecsun PL-310.